Ricciardo on Silverstone: the MotoGP riders will make a fuss

The news given by the Formula 1 drivers on the asphalt is not that comforting: "I don't think they'll like Turn 6." Hamilton: "There are still holes in some places."


The Formula 1 drivers were the first to be able to try the new asphalt on the Silverstone circuit, completely renewed after last year's disaster, which led to cancelling the MotoGP race because the surface was not draining. The Tarmac company completed the resurfacing work, under the supervision of Jarno Zaffelli's Dormo.

Unfortunately, the F1 drivers didn't give the new asphalt a passing grade and alerted their motorcycling colleagues.

"There are still lots of holes in some areas. I don't think the guys in the MotoGP will like Turn 6. They're going make a big fuss. The website, Internet Crash, quoted Daniel Ricciardo: "The rest is pretty decent."

Lewis Hamilton also had his doubts. "The new asphalt is better in the straights, especially between Turns 4 and 6 where it was pretty bad," was his opinion. "There are still holes when exiting Turn 7 and towards the Copse, but then it gets smoother."

His teammate, Valtteri Bottas, is more positive: “They did a good job, and now driving here is really nice. The new asphalt has a lot of grip, but sometimes you can lose it really quickly."

No tests are scheduled for the MotoGP riders at Silverstone, so they'll have to wait until August 23rd, the first day of testing for the British GP, to find out what awaits them.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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