MotoGP, Puig: "Ducati? A lot of effort for little reward"

The Honda team manager attacks: "many riders have been successful with Honda, only Stoner with Ducati and in particular circumstances. Then nothing"


Honda team manager Alberto Puig is not one to mince his words. In fact, he's generally quick to offer an opinion. This time, he attacks Ducati, on the pages of ‘El Confidential’.

His words come in response to a statement made by Paolo Ciabatti who, during an interview with GPOne, said: “Marc is a rider who is changing the history of MotoGP, without him Honda wouldn't have won anything. Since 2013 they've never had a team-mate up there with him in the championship”.

This could have been interpreted as a compliment remark regarding Marquez, but Puig failed to appreciate the words.

I think Ciabatti should look at all the 500 and MotoGP races Honda has won, all the titles. If he looked back, he probably wouldn't have put it like that - his response - What is clear is that Ducati, despite all the effort it makes, has won just one championship and everyone who knows the history of this championship knows that it was won by Casey Stoner”.

Alberto continues.

The effort Ducati is making in this championship, for what it is achieving, is totally out of balance in my opinion. What I do know is that Marquez has won with this bike, as have Stoner, Doohan, Spencer, Lawson, Criville, Hayden and Rossi. Many riders have won with Honda.

So Puig sees Ducati as having made its fortune thanks to the talents of just one rider: Stoner.

Only one rider has won with Ducati, in particular circumstances, and thats itFrom then on, in recent years, Ducati has had trouble with the new technical regulations. I think they're trying everything and more, but for now it's all for nothing. They still haven't won anything”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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