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MotoGP, Marquez: "Even without Lorenzo, there's no place in Honda for my brother."

"If Lorenzo were to stop, there would be Crutchlow and Nakagami. Alex deserves the MotoGP. "We are both leading the world championship, but he has to choose a bike that suits him."

MotoGP:  Marquez:

Marc Marquez was simply unstoppable at the Sachsenring. The Spanish champion managed to break away from and win his tenth consecutive GP on the left-handed German track. A reign with no stories and no possibility of being repeated, which brings the Honda rider to +58 in the world rankings away from Dovizioso.

"My advantage in the rankings makes me feel very comfortable," said Marquez at the end of the race . "I said it when I had an advantage and, now that I have more than two, it's even better. But the important thing is to be able to maintain the same intensity and win many other races because we know that anything can happen in this sport."

Starting from Brno, in fact, there will be a series of “friendly” Ducati tracks with Austria, then the Czech Republic, followed by Silverstone and Misano. Who can stop Marc Marquez now?

“Ducati went through two circuits where it always suffered, and it's now improving a lot. However, the two that could bother me most are Yamaha's riders, Quartararo and Vinales, not so much for the championship but for winning the races. Rins might also be able to battle it out, but he lost many points, falling today and at Assen."

Marquez's great weekend ended with a hat trick (pole, victory, and fastest lap) spiced up with having been in the lead throughout the race.

"My strategy today was to be first from start to finish because here I find it hard to concentrate when I follow someone. I made a mistake in the beginning. I knew I had to risk something at the first turn, so I braked late and went wide."

Then no more errors during the rest of the race for the 7-time world champion. What made the difference?

"I'm comfortable in all conditions on this track ," said Marquez. "This is the key point. I kept a good pace throughout the weekend, and it's vital here because the race is very long, 30 laps. Honda was the best bike this weekend, like Yamaha at Assen. You have to find the right compromise on each circuit."

Victory with a hat trick also for the other Marquez in the Moto2 race. It was a double joy for Alex with a leadership in the world championship in the MotoGP, which seems to get closer each time, also thanks to the tornado in the market that could trigger Jorge Lorenzo from leaving.

"I'm happier for my brother than for myself," said Marc. "After Holland, he could have suffered psychologically, but he was good at staying focused and not getting disheartened. When we returned to Spain, he told me that he was afraid of losing more points here in Germany because it's not a circuit that has given him so much satisfaction in the past few years. I told him it would be different this year, and everything went well. Alex is good at reasoning during the race. He's the fastest and most consistent of the Moto2. I'm happy for him, and I must say that he was very solid today. We'll both be going on vacation happy. I think that when he makes the move to the MotoGP," the Spanish rider continued, "he'll have to choose a bike that he knows he can get along well with. For the moment, there is no place in Honda for my brother and, even if Lorenzo's spot were available, I don't want to disrespect Crutchlow or Nakagami. I don't want to know anything about these things."

After the perfect race, there were even special celebrations for Marquez, who parked his bike on the track and threw himself into the tide of his fans during the lap of honor.

"Winning is not a given, ever," said Marquez. "It's always the result of a very tiring job. Today we must celebrate because both my brother and I won, and we're first in the world championship. We don't know what will happen from Brno onward. Now we'll just enjoy our vacation."

A little fun fact on Marquez and how he hasn't changed his suit in 4 weekends.

"I think it's a record for me. It's been four weekends that I haven't fallen, but I had a lot of saves. Maybe it's the suit that bring me luck."

Audio recorded by Matteo Aglio

Translated by Leila Myftija

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