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MotoE, Rossi: "The electric bike? It's ok for the city, not for motorsports."

Riders skeptical about MotoE, Marquez: "I prefer the sound and the engine of the MotoGP." Vinales: "Without the engine noise, I wouldn't be able to ride."

MotoE: Rossi:

MotoE trial by fire. The Sachsenring weekend coincides with the official debut of the electric category. The series was supposed to start last May, but following the fire in March in the Jerez paddock, it was postponed to before the summer break. The moment has finally arrived!

And the riders are all very curious, starting with Valentino Rossi. "I'm curious to see the race, although I think that the electric motor in the immediate future is more suitable for urban mobility. It's not yet ready for motorsports, " commented n.46. "Like I said, I'm very curious to hear how they'll go... well, mostly to see them," he said laughing. There are so many strong riders. Some have won the World Championship, important names like Gibernau. Let's see it it'll be a good race."

And Marquez also commented. "People say it's the future and it'll be interesting." said n.93. "Many of us surely have watched some videos. This is another category, although I prefer the sound and the engine of the MotoGP." Fabio Quartararo also thought the same. "It's true that it's a different category, but I think this is an opportunity for many riders," stated the French rider. "The MotoE bikes are another type of bike, as is the sound and the noise produced by those of the MotoGP." Vinales commented on this concept. "For me, it would be strange to ride a motorcycle without noise, since I rely particularly on this aspect. We'll see how they'll do."

Danilo Petrucci stated, "The MotoE represents the future, so this category will arrive sooner or later." "I believe that real engines are better, but we must also look towards new horizons. I think the best thing about the MotoGP is the engine and the sound. Perhaps, even with the electric, they can produce a good engine with a nice sound." Dovizioso's commented laughing. "The only thing I can say about the MotoE is that Savadori is a friend of mine, and I wish him a good championship."

Franco Morbidelli also spoke regarding the topic. “Maybe it'll be a step towards the future. I have to say that it's nice to see riders tin action that are no longer running." Joan Mir will also follow the debut race. "I'll be happy to see the MotoE in action. Like Marc said, I also saw some videos of this series. It's quite strange, but we'll see what happens on Sunday."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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