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MotoGP, Marquez: "Championship over? No, just look at Bautista in SBK"

Marc: "I have a 37-point lead, but if I can win on Sunday I won't hold back. The championship? There's not only Dovizioso"

MotoGP: Marquez: "Championship over? No, just look at Bautista in SBK"

37 points is definitely a reassuring advantage, but Marc Marquez prefers not to lower his guard, particularly at a track like Assen, where we saw a record number of passes during last year's race. For this very reason, the seven-time champion looks to SBK, where things really turned around at the last round.

In SBK it looked like Bautista already had the title in his grasp  - comments the Honda  rider -  and yet, one mistake at Jerez and another at Misano and Alvaro is now only 16 points ahead of Rea. Many factors play a part in a championship, some depend on you, others don't , so you must always give it your all”.

Yet, 365 days ago, it was he who won at the TT circuit. The Spaniard is therefore sharpening his weapons, aware of his potential.

We still have 12 races to go, but we're happy, as I can ride well and manage the various situations. There will be moments when we struggle too of course, and we'll need to be patient”.

His attention turns to the Barcelona test.

“We tested a few new things, but we need to take another look at other tracks. Assen and the Sachsenring will be key, so that we can go on holiday in the best possible situation. One year ago, we came here with some doubts, but then we were competitive, and won the race. I had good pace and need to repeat that”.

Marc knows who he's dealing with this weekend.

“I expect the Yamahas and Suzukis to be competitive of course, so we need to keep pace with them. If I have chance to score 25 points I will try not to settle. My priority is to reach the podium, keeping an eye on the second-placed rider in the standings”.

His mind is firmly focused on the Dutch weekend.

We'll try to work as well as possible to have as great a margin as possible. Lorenzo? I haven't seen him or spoken to him about what went on at Barcelona. I've heard his comments, he's a rider of great experience and was sorry ”.

The incident did bring a significant advantage for the seven-time champion.

“Dovizioso is now 37 points behind, but it changes nothing. Dovi is one rival, but the same goes for Petrucci who was once again on the podium in the last race, without forgetting Rins and Quartararo. As I've said, we need to stay on high alert, also because the end of the year brings three races in close succession and if something happens, there's a risk you carry the problems with you”.

His final words regard the woman of his dreams.

“I'd say a brunette, but as you know I have a girlfriend”

Audio recorded by Paolo Scalera

Translated by Heather Watson

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