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Moto2, Alex Marquez: Riding in MotoGP is one thing, battling against Marc is another

"I'm a realist. Competing in MotoGP is my dream, but I realize there aren't many openings. If I do well, Alzamora will have more to work with."

Moto2: Alex Marquez: Riding in MotoGP is one thing, battling against Marc is another

Alex Márquez doesn't want to compete at all costs against his brother, Marc Márquez, in the MotoGP class in 2020.

"I'm a realist," said the current Moto2 leader.

After three consecutive victories, and after the Barcelona GP, Alex took the lead in the Moto2 World Championship. This naturally makes him an ideal candidate for the MotoGP class, where his brother Marc is the reference.

"Riding in the MotoGP is one thing, battling against Marc is another," added the 23-year-old in an interview with "There's a big difference between the two."

There was talk of him joining the Pramac Ducati team because Emilio Alzamora, his manager, had talked about it with Francesco Guidotti. But after Danilo Petrucci's and Jack Miller's good performances, the renewal of their contracts is now certain. And there's almost no place left for the 2020 season.

"I'm realistic. My dream is to compete in the MotoGP next year, but I realize that there are not many openings left. This is why I prefer not to think about it. If I do my job well, Emilio will have more to work with."

Marquez junior then added, "If you move forward, then it's really difficult to go back. So, if you do, you have to do it right. In addition to the technical aspect, the most important thing for me is the pits, the people who are there, like a family, especially for a rookie. Currently, there are four manufacturers with whom you can win a title ," continued Alex. "And KTM gets closer every day. Just because my brother is with Honda doesn't mean I have to go there. Each one goes his own way, has his own style, and feels which bike can work best. It seems like Yamaha and Ducati are easier for a rookie. The Honda is more difficult and critical. Suzuki also seems to work well for a beginner. We have to see what possibilities arise and then decide."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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