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SBK, Haslam: "Melandri? That's how he is. It doesn't surprise me.

"He hit me twice between one and two. I had more confidence in Race 2, but I still have to work on entering corners."

SBK: Haslam: "Melandri? That's how he is. It doesn't surprise me.


Knowing how to fix a weekend that started out negatively is a remarkable talent, and Leon Haslam can boast of having it. In fact, n.91 ended with a fall in Race 1, but made up for it today with a third place in the Superpole Race and another in Race 2. A Sunday to  remember where the only negative point was hitting Marco Melandri.

"I didn't see him because he came from behind. He hit me between one and two, so I changed direction, and he hit me again. I don't know if he fell at that moment or later, but I know that Melandri is like that, so it doesn't surprise me."

Besides that, Haslam can rejoice at the result achieved, thanks to a combination of speed and intelligence.

"When Rea and Toprak were in front, I noted the improvements, and decided to fight and push to reach them but, right after, I gave up because I was already running too many risks, and I had to look out for Lowes to prevent losing the podium."

Leon retraces his weekend step by step, noting improvements on his Kawasaki.

"Falling on the wet asphalt yesterday was frustrating. I pushed to recuperate on Sykes and made a mistake while, in the sprint, his problem helped me reach the podium. I immediately had more confidence in Race 2, especially on the front, and this allowed me to be more incisive."

N.91 had clear ideas, and specified which area he'll have to work on in the future, both on the bike and on himself.

"Entering corners remains my main problem. We made progress in the last tests to resolve the issue of the frame, while here we're better with the electronics. These things have certainly helped me, and maybe the fact that I enter too fast in corners also depends on my style. Changing style is not easy at times, but we've grown and had a good weekend."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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