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MotoGP, Suomy and KYT receive FIM homologation for helmets

The tests for the helmets of size M have already been completed, not those for the size S

MotoGP: Suomy and KYT receive FIM homologation for helmets


FIM, International Motorcycling Federation, has communicated that size “M” of Suomy and KYT helmets have received the FIM homologation. For the size S the tests are not completed yet.

As for FIM guidelines, the FIM Racing Homologation Programme for Helmets (FRHP) came into force for Grand Prix and Superbike racing as of 3 June 2019. The FRHP was established in order to grant special recognition to products related to the safety of the riders and as a requirement for FIM competitions only.
With this positive result,  they are now striving hard to include all necessary FIM label preparation on their riders' helmets for the upcoming races.
This particular approval will be added to the ECE 2205 homologation already granted to Suomy and KYT helmets for all the sizes until L.

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