Riders worth Betting on in the MotoGP Championship

We are almost at a third of the Championship, there's a leader, Marquez, but not a sure winner and a couple of outsiders are raising their heads.


The world championship kicked off with its first race on March 10th in Qatar. Although there are 13 races left, and we’re barely at the start, a few riders already look promising, with the potential to rank high in this championship.

Online betting has also expanded in the world of Grand Prix races, becoming an entertaining activity for racing fans. We all have a favorite rider, and the tension is always high during each race when we’re rooting for him. Watching the championship and being able to bet on that rider would make it even more fun.

Besides the fun that comes with it, online betting is also very simple: people place their bets from the comfort of their homes but only on legal websites approved by AAMS in Italy. You could bet on your favorite riders right before or after the race ends, basing your decision on their performance. With that in mind, we prepared a list of three riders that have grown since last season and have the potential to finish high in the rankings this season. 

Marc Marquez, reigning champion, the man to beat

Marc Marquez is one of the most promising motorcycle riders at the moment, being at the head of the MotoGP Championship. He’s currently leading with 115 points accumulated in only six races. He represents Spain and is part of the Repsol Honda Team, along with another talented rider, Jorge Lorenzo who transferred from Ducati before the beginning of the championship.

At the moment, Marquez is the favorite in this championship, considering his long history in the Grand Prix in which he has accumulated 2,000 points, including his 115 points this year. Counting the Moto2 and 125cc championships Marquez took part in, he has a total of over 3,000 points so far.

Marc Marquez finished in first and second position in almost every race this season, excluding the Circuit of the Americas, where he didn't finish. He's already won the Championship five times, and he might do it again.

After his first victory, everyone has their sights on Danilo Petrucci, the underdog

Compared to Marquez, Petrucci is a far less experienced rider but, considering his latest races, he might end up surprising us. Although he only finished in 8th position in the MotoGP World Championship 2018, he is already ranked 4th this season with a total of 82 points.

Even if Petrucci might not finish in first position this season, he still has a solid chance of reaching the podium thanks to how much he's grown so far and might finish along with his teammate, Andrea Dovizioso, whi is currently ranked second, only 12 points away from Marquez.

Petrucci is also only one of two riders to ever take part in the MotoGP without any previous experience in the Moto2 or Moto3 categories. Representing Italy and part of the Ducati team, Danilo Petrucci is improving every year, thanks to his hard work and dedication. Petrucci might be able to accomplish some unexpected results this season, becoming a solid bet for anybody.

Alex Rins, Suzuki's surprise

Although this is only his third MotoGP season, Spanish rider Alex Rins  is already showing some great finishing times, placing him in third position in the current rankings. Rins signed with Suzuki in 2017 when he debuted in MotoGP and has been part of the team ever since.

In the MotoGP World Championship 2018, Rins finished in fifth position with 169 points. He’s proving to have greatly improved this season, ranking 3rd with 88 points only after six races. He already accumulated half of the points he had last year and still has 13 races to go.


Even if only six out of 19 races were completed so far, both the rankings and the riders already look promising. The three riders mentioned above managed to growth  a great deal since last season, and any MotoGP fan should take them into consideration when betting.



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