SBK, Van Der Mark: "My Yamaha was unparalleled in Jerez"

"Since the FP1, I felt at ease and, during the weekend, I didn't have to make major changes. Bautista? I was thinking of having it out with him."


What a weekend for Michael Van Der Mark. Yesterday's podium was just a starter of what would have been a Dutch Sunday. In fact, another silver medal arrived in the Superpole Race, followed by the first success of the season in Race 2. A series of results that confirm the good work carried out by Yamaha.

“Since the first laps on Friday, I felt much better on the bike than in the past, thanks to the innovations I tried in Misano, despite Jerez being a different track. I feel stronger in the first laps," he said. "And during the weekend, we didn't make big changes, which means that the package is competitive."

So competitive as to lead Michael to success, also due to the Bautista exiting the scene. This doesn't, however, stain the Dutchman's performance. He is able to keep up with a definitely more quoted Rea, a sign that both the rider and the bike have matured.

"I was thinking of keeping up with Alvaro and having it out with him. He's definitely fast and constant, so I don't know if I would have been able to, but I was ready to try. Rea? I didn't think that I didn't have the means to fight it out with Rea," he explained. "I always tried and sometimes it went well, like today. If we look at the first six Kawasaki races, it has always been in the top positions, it even won in Imola, while we started to grow in Thailand, and it's difficult to say that we have always been with the best, but now we are."

In conclusion, "Magic" Michael analyzes his weekend, mulling over the only mistake that hindered him during the three days in Andalusia.

"I can't complain having reached a victory and two second places but, certainly, starting later would have helped me. I lost time this morning in the Superpole Race with some stupid overtaking, but I had to start from sixth place. I'm the only one to blame for the bad qualification " he concluded, " considering that the bike was excellent, and the sensations are improving lap by lap."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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