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SBK, Davies Angry: "Melandri was ridiculous, but that's how he is"

"I've never seen such a maneuver. I can understand it from a twenty year old but not from someone who is 36. He didn't even apologize. I hope he'll be penalized."

SBK: Davies Angry: "Melandri was ridiculous, but that's how he is"


Damned Jerez is what comes to mind. Exactly... because after finishing almost 30 seconds from the top in Race 1 on Saturday, Chaz Davies' race ended on Sunday, straight into Marco Melandri's bike. The Welsh rider, who was hit by n.33's Yamaha, was very unlucky and ended up in the gravel.

An episode that didn't fair well with Aruba's rider, who did not spared too many words for his former teammate.

"I've never seen such a maneuver in a Grand Prix, be it Superbike or MotoGP," said Davies. "It was ridiculous to try. I can expect that maneuver from a 20 year old, but not from one who is 36. Marco is always Marco, really ridiculous, and the worst thing is that he didn't even apologize."

That's one angry rider. 


Translated by Leila Myftija

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