SBK, Davies: "With the Panigale V4, I don't need a plan B like Lorenzo."

"Luckily I shouldn't be going to Japan anyway. I have to work on the front, but in the pit I have everything I need to improve".


If Spain is giving its teammate good feelings again, the same cannot be said for Chaz Davies. It's nothing new that the Welshman is still in search of the right path to follow, and his eleventh place at the end of Friday in Andalusia is further confirmation. However, Chaz is not discouraged and, when questioned on the subject, he draws a substantial difference between himself and Jorge Lorenzo, another top rider in difficulty with his bike.

"Fortunately, Ducati is two hours by plane from home and not in Japan (he laughs). A part from that, I'm not in the same situation. I think the most important thing to understand," he explains, "is the fact that I have a different driving style than Alvaro, and that I still have to find the right confidence with this bike."

Chaz delves into the subject and confirms the full mutual trust that exists between him and the Borgo Panigale team.

“Ducati has worked in this direction, but it takes time. Every rider has his strengths and weaknesses," he says. "But there are situations where things struggle to go the right way, as in the case of Jorge or Zarco, for example. Personally, I've had positive moments, like at Imola where I was very fast, and others negative. We have to work to find the right set-up and, with more information, things can only improve."

In any case, there is a weekend to continue and maybe improve, given that the beginning was undoubtedly uphillWe started with the same set-up as Imola although, obviously, it's a different circuit with different temperatures, and a different grip. During the day, we didn't make big changes, which we should do tomorrow."

Number 7 has clear ideas about what to do, and where to find solutions to his problems.

"First of all, we have to work on the front, since I can't get into the turn with the right confidence, and this makes me slow even in the middle of the turn. There are positive aspects, but we're certainly not where we should be. We have everything we need inside the pit to do what we want," he confirms. "But we have to reach the objective."

The smile on Chaz's face indicates his desire to return to the upper levels of the ranking, combined with the right positivity.

"I feel like I'm still learning so many aspects of this bike on every track related to my riding style. I continue to do my best, and we'll see what happens. Here, in Jerez, for example, I'm slightly disadvantaged compared to others given that, during the tests, I was injured and I rode very little."

In conclusion, the Welshman has his say on Michele Pirro's wild card at Misano, which he can without being an outsider to keep an eye on.

"His presence will certainly not be a problem for me, also because I'm certainly not fighting for the title this year. I'm happy for Michele and, surely, his feedback can be useful in terms of development."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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