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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "I was scared through the Misano Curvone during my first DTM test"

VIDEO - Andrea tells us how it is to drive the DTM AUDI he will race at Misano: "On paper it seems easy, but it's not easy to find confidence"

MotoGP, Dovizioso: "I was scared through the Misano Curvone during my first DTM test"
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Andrea Dovizioso is excited ahead of the most important event on his four-wheeled calendar this year. We're talking about the Misano round of the DTM of course, in which Andrea will participate as a wildcard. And it appears that Desmodovi's preparation for the event is as meticulous as ever.

Because the Ducati rider might keep saying that this is just a fun event, less stressful than a GP weekend and also excellent physical and mental training, but the truth is that Dovizioso is a racer, exactly like the others with whom he will share the grid. And when a racer finds himself in his usual habitat, nothing will hold him back.

It's not a question of pressure, the championship fight or the scoring of points. A rider or driver will always give it their all, going to the limit and trying to raise the bar lap after lap. Dovi will take greater and greater risks, becoming increasingly precise around the track that he is having to 'read' in a different way.

Andrea has admitted that he was scared the first time he went flat out through the Misano Curvone, having to trust in the pressure generated by the sophisticated aerodynamic thrust of his Audi. We're sure he soon got over his fear though, becoming increasingly daring. Dovizioso may try to put up barriers with his rationality and pure intelligence but at a certain point, a racer's instinct will prevail, we're sure of it

Have a great DTM Dovi!

Translated by Heather Watson

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