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MotoGP, Lorenzo: "A fairing that will help me at the Barcelona test"

"I have no support when braking and am changing my riding style. 20th? I didn't put in a fresh tyre, my pace is good"

MotoGP: Lorenzo:

Lorenzo is in a much better mood than the standings might suggest, the Spaniard lying just 20th. “I didn't put in the fresh tyre at the end of the session, I preferred to keep an extra one for tomorrow. I think I could have been in the top ten and my pace is not at all bad” assures the Majorcan.

This doesn't mean his apprenticeship in Honda is over. Jorge is still unable to ride the RC213V as he'd like and is working on two fronts: on the bike and on his riding style.

I'm trying to find greater speed on corner entry. So I'm braking with more pressure at first and then gradually reducing it. It's not a natural style for me, but I'm sure it's the right path to take”.

He continues to experiment to try and find a better position on the bike, though with little success so far.

I've tried a different handlebar so as to be further forward and have greater load on the front.  - continues Jorge - But I felt worse and went back to the previous solution. I'm also using the standard tank, the same as Marquez”.

As with the Ducati, Lorenzo seeks greater support in braking and will soon receive something that may help.

They are preparing a new fairing and I think I can probably test it after the Barcelona GP. Right now, I don't have enough support for the knees in braking, there's not enough space to lean when I brake.  This forces me to try and save energy while I ride and I can't be as fast as I want”.

Yet the Majorcan remains optimistic ahead of the Mugello race.

I need to try and find a couple of tenths in terms of pace and then I'll be able to run with the best. This morning I was struggling but I gradually managed to improve and the same goes for this afternoon. Tomorrow I need to take another step, also on the flying lap because I don't yet have that explosiveness and that might be an issue in qualifying”.

Lorenzo wasn't the only MotoGP 'veteran' to struggle today, Dovizioso also failing to shine and Rossi only a little ahead of the Majorcan, while the youngsters stood out.

Bagnaia made a good lap but with a fresh tyre, nothing surprising, Quartararo has great talent but he's come to MotoGP on the easiest bike -  he comments - Fabio is doing well, but for reason or another he's not able to show consistency in the race. The riders who have changed bikes are definitely having more trouble adjusting”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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