MotoE, Livia Cevolini, Energica: "I didn't have time to cry"

“We rebuilt everything in record time. We'll have 18 of the world's best riders developing our technologies over three years. With the double races, we will work with Enel to organise and manage recharging"


There was not even time to reflect or cry. Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica, was quickly “back in the saddle”, with the aim of throwing water on the Jerez fire that sent materials, hopes and the season start quite literally up in smoke.

The flames destroyed it all, right down to the last screw. But the electric dream of the young manager has not been extinguished, quite the contrary in fact. The bikes of team Octo Pramac and riders De Angelis and Hook will take to the Valencia track for a test. The only thing left to clarify is what caused the fire in the first place. 

Will your questions soon be met with answers?

The investigation is still ongoing, so we don't yet know what will be made public. The problem doesn't regard the bikes though, which was not charging. Something happened inside the structure, the fire could have occurred even with fuel-powered bikes. The biggest problem is that all of the Ego Corsa bikes were in that tent, nothing could be saved”.

Asking you how you felt when you heard might seem like a rhetorical question, but it's an important one.

I wasn't at Jerez, but the guys that were there went straight to the paddock and burst into tears when they saw the flames. I didn't even have time to cry, because I was immediately in contact with the CEO of Enel and the Dorna guys. The following day, we were already talking with our technical suppliers and were immediately to start over in a very short space of time”.

How is the Ego Corsa evolving?

It's going well, we've carried out some initial tests at Cremona with the rebuilt bikes and the results were satisfactory. Brannetti is really helping us and the Energica Ego Corsa meets with the various regulations. As for torque, our bike is unbeatable, its express delivery guaranteeing power and fun. We'd need 30-hour days to get it all done, but we're making 24 hours work. I have to say we've seen real collaboration on all fronts, starting with the guys that work with us, the suppliers, the sponsors. We have a really good work group”.

Having had to reformulate the calendar, you'll have two weekends with a double race.

In those cases, the challenge will come later. We'll need to work with Enel to organise and mange the battery recharging. it's good motivation for us and the riders, who will have to consider the various strategies. This project is great because it is new, no one has ever tried it before, but we are. We already have Energica bikes on the road, the MotoE will help to accelerate entry onto the various markets, by increasing visibility. We'll have 18 of the world's best riders developing our technology over three years, for us alone, our platform is unique and interesting for customers too, because they can be sure of having the most innovative, cutting-edge and tested technology in circulation”.





Translated by Heather Watson

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