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MotoGP, Tests in Finland Scheduled for August a Maybe

Works on the new KymiRing circuit may not end in time for tests scheduled this summer.

MotoGP: Tests in Finland Scheduled for August a Maybe

A few months ago, two days of testing were officially announced for the MotoGP riders on August 19th and 20th at KymiRing. The new circuit will mark the return of the MotoGP in Finland starting next season.

However, the summer tests are at risk because it is unlikely that the works on the new track will end in time for the scheduled tests. The circuit is 4.6 km long, with 18 turns, and is located in Kymenlaakso, just over 150 km from the capital, Helsinki.

The tests in August would be useful for riders so that they can learn the new track and for Michelin to test the most suitable tire solutions. However, the track may not be ready for that date, and the two days of tests could fall through, even if tickets for the test are already being sold on the website of the Finish circuit.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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