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MotoGP, Marquez also wins Lucia Romero's heart at Le Mans

The Spanish model who's dating Marc dedicates a romantic post to him on Instagram after his victory in France.

MotoGP: Marquez also wins Lucia Romero's heart at Le Mans


After celebrating on the podium at Le Mans, Marc Marquez participated as usual in the press conference. Among the other questions there was one that surprised the Spaniard a little.

Shortly after the chequered flag, an Instagram Story appeared, posted by his alleged fiance, model Lucia Rivera Romero, who posted the romantic image of Marc's No. 93 with a heart-icon. An image that leaves very little room for imagination and that almost embarrassed Marc when he was asked to comment on it during the conference.

"No, I haven't seen the post yet!  But of course it's a beautiful day for my family. We both won, both Alex and I, my father is very happy, Emilio the same. All the people who are close to me are happy for us".

A clever dribbling for the Spanish champion, who has glissed with elegance.


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