MotoGP, Lorenzo: "Wrong choice of tires. I could have done more."

Third row for Jorge at Le Mans: "Honda is competitive even in wet conditions. My scaphoid? Better, but it still slows me down when riding."


Although slowly, Lorenzo is climbing back up in the rankings on his Honda. Yesterday was a good 4th on dry asphalt. Today, on the wet - usually not his favorite conditions - 8th in qualifying, which is worth a third row for the Le Mans race. His sensations, however, are even better, and he doesn't hide the fact that he could have gained some positions.

"I put the wrong tire on at the wrong time,"  admitted Jorge. "I started the session with a  soft, but there wasn't enough water, then with the medium, it  increased.  I could have done more with the right choice."

Despite a non-perfect strategy, Lorenzo got the answers he hoped for from the RC213V.

"It was my first chance to ride it in wet conditions, and the sensations were pretty good," he revealed. "Honda is competitive even in the rain, but I need more time to understand it. Despite this, I wasn't far from the best."

Which is a good foundation for tomorrow's race.

"Everything will depend on the weather," warns the rider from Mallorca. "Like I said yesterday, what matters is the result of the race, but to give it your all, you must be able to prepare yourself better.  Unfortunately, I didn't ride much in  dry conditions, although I demonstrated that I  made progress, and now I can ride more naturally. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I think I can be faster than yesterday, but I don't know what the level of my opponents will be."

Lorenzo also still has to come to terms with his physical condition. His situation has improved, but his scaphoid still gives him some problems.

"The healing process is long. It will take 6 months for it to be perfect," he explained. "I feel better every week, but I still don't have the strength I would like. I lose a little when braking, when changing direction, or when I need to straighten out the bike quickly. It's not a big problem, but it takes its toll."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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