MotoGP, Lorenzo's bike underwent HRC "surgery" in Japan

Jorge's RC213V, which stopped due to a technical failure during the Austin GP, ended up at Honda's headquarters for a check-up


The technical problems that are affecting Honda are a mystery. Japanese engineers are tight-lipped on the matter, and even Marquez and Lorenzo are silent on this topic. However, in Austin, Marc let slip that so many coincidences, like his falls and Jorge's forced stop, were actually "no coincidence".

His words were difficult to interpret but, in HRC, they're definitely  working to solve these problems. Lorenzo's bike, which stopped along the track in Texas, was not sent to Spain like the others after the Grand Prix. It was, instead, sent to the headquarters in Japan.

The engineers used the two-week break to try to solve the problem that, however, is not the only one affecting the RC213V. On two occasions, in Argentina with Marquez and in Austin with Lorenzo, the motorcycle chain had fallen off. Another thing to work on, since any mistake can cost you a lot in a championship as intense as this one.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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