MotoGP, Schwantz: "Rossi increasingly intelligent, he can beat Marquez"

Kevin on the championship: "the only threat to Marc is himself. Rins has a good bike, but there are tracks where the Suzuki will suffer"


Who will be able to beat Marquez?A question people have been asking for a few years as, despite his rivals best efforts, the Spaniard remains firmly on his throne. Perhaps, as Kenny Roberts commented in an interview with us, it is Marc who is his own worst enemy. An opinion shared by another great American champion, namely Kevin Schwantz.

The Texan, speaking to Marca, is clear: “Marc is fast and has proved he can win the title, he rides in a different way to everyone else. He is the only threat to his own success”.

Something he demonstrated at Austin, falling while leading the race by a decent margin. Errors aside, who can beat him as an equal?

Maybe Lorenzo when he's back in shape, then Dovizioso, Rossi and Rins who will be his biggest rivals this season” replies Kevin.

Schwantz is keeping one eye firmly on Valentino.

He will definitely score big points, there are 19 races, so he'll run his longest season at 40 years of age, but he's proved he can still run up front. I think Rossi becomes smarter with every year that passes and has the right speed to beat the Honda and Marquez because he's quick and consistent”.

Logically, Kevin must also talk about 'his' Suzuki, that returned to winning way at Austin with Rins.

The GSX-RR is a good bike and Rins is gaining experience, but there will be tracks where the Suzuki suffers. To be in the mix for the title, you have to fight for the podium every weekend”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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