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MotoGP, Lorenzo and the mysterious problem: "I can't talk about it."

No details on the malfunction that stopped his Honda: "It's not related to the chain. Everything is going wrong this season."

MotoGP: Lorenzo and the mysterious problem: "I can't talk about it."


The plot of Honda's mysterious problem is thickening.  Marc spoke of some trouble "with the electronics in corners in first gear," something that could have caused Crutchlow's fall and Lorenzo leaving the race. Jorge is even more cryptic because the order to not give details arrived from the upper echelons.

"The bike had a problem. They're still trying to figure out what it is. I can't say anything else. This is enough. But it's not related to the chain," where his only words. There is no way to break through the Majorcan and, so, we have to settle for this.

What's for sure is that there's something new with Lorenzo every day. In Qatar, he had fallen during free practice, worsening his physical condition. In Argentina, he lost a piece of the handlebar and, in Austin, the mysterious problem.

"Obviously, it's frustrating because  I had three different problems in all three races. I could have gotten different results, especially today," he said with regret.  "It was bad luck. I've had perfect years, such as in 2010, while this seems like the opposite."

It's a real shame, since Jorge was convinced he could at least achieve a fair result.

"I didn't make a bad start. I lost only a couple of positions because I lacked a bit of power after I let go of the clutch," he said. "This is a complicated circuit, and you have to be very careful, especially in the hairpins, in order to avoid mistakes.  It was difficult to stop the bike with a full tank, and I made some weird mistakes. Usually, that doesn't happen to me, but today I went long twice. The Honda seems to have too much inertia when braking."

But then things improved.

"I remained focused. My pace was not as extraordinary as Marc's, but I was faster than in the warm up. I could have fought for 8th or 9th position, better than in Qatar and Argentina. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the race."

All that left now is to look ahead, especially since the next GP will take place on one of his favorite tracks.

"Sometimes you're lucky sometimes you're not. There's nothing you can do about it,"  is his philosophy. "I certainly had some problems in three races in a row, but now we're going to Jerez, and the important thing is to be more competitive there.  The objective is to be in the first three rows in the qualifying round, and then try to get a better result. I can do it. I have more experience now."





Translated by Leila Myftija

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