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SBK, Concession Parts and engine rpm: here's what will happen at Assen

Ducati risks a 250 reduction in rpm, but it's not a given, only Honda, BMW and Yamaha will have a right to updates

SBK: Concession Parts and engine rpm: here's what will happen at Assen

What will happen to Ducati now that round three is over? Will their engine revs be cut? and if so, by how much? This is the burning question following the Aragon race weekend.

As set out by the regulation, following the third round of the season, the FIM can intervene to reduce or increase rpm in order to level the playing field. The calculation as to whether to cut or add is made by an external body, using an algorithm that considers the rpm of all bikes belonging to a manufacturer rather than focusing on only one machine.

The truth is that no one knows exactly what will happen ahead of Assen, set to get underway this coming Friday. The V4 is definitely at risk of losing 250 rpm, in that the procedure envisages 250 at a time after each three rounds. But there is one element of this regulatory point that is less clear, and that has team managers divided, in that some sustain that a reduction or increase can only involve 250 rpm at a time while others are convinced that the modification is of no fixed number.

Right now, the red bike's limiter is 16,350, so if reduced by 250, the V4 would arrive at the TT with 16,100. If we look at the other manufacturer, Honda will almost definitely have 250 rpm more in Holland, so a boost to 14,800. BMW will remain on 14,900 as it awaits the arrival of its new engine at Imola. The Kawasaki and Yamaha situation is still to be defined, though the feeling is that there won't be any dramatic changes. Anything is possible though, considering the complexity of the matter.

As for concession parts, or rather updates regarding the engine, such as the camshaft or springs, and electronics, the situation is clearer. In this case, the points totals accumulated by each manufacturer are considered, with 3 points assigned to the winner of each race, 2 to the second-placed rider and 1 to third. The Superpole race is not taking into consideration.

In this particular classification, Ducati leads the way with 20 points, Bautista having scored 18, and Davies 2. Kawasaki is second with 13 (12 from Rea and one from Haslam), while Yamaha is third with 3 (two third-place for Lowes and one for Melandri). In order to have the right to concession, a manufacturer must be more than nine points behind the first-placed manufacturer. In this case then, this is Honda, BMW and Yamaha. Kawasaki is excluded. During the week, the organiser will issue the list of available updates and manufacturers can then act accordingly.    

Translated by Heather Watson

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