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SBK, Bautista: "MotoGP? I'd go back to race with an official team."

Alvaro passed the test at Aragon: "With the Panigale V4, I'm now showing everyone how capable I am."

SBK: Bautista: "MotoGP? I'd go back to race with an official team."

There was only one flaw in Alvaro Bautista's weekend in Aragon. The 2019 edition of Motorland was the one with the lowest number of presences in the last five years. That's right! In fact, something more was expected in terms of spectators, since the local idol dominated the scene.

"I honestly didn't know that," Alvaro began. "I can still say that I'm enthusiastic about the love shown by those present, and I think I gave them a nice weekend. The numbers are also low for the MotoGP here at Motorland while, in Jerez, there are many more people, and I think it'll be the same for the race in June, as well."

Even today, Alvaro dictated the law, as was expected.

"From the outside, it may seem easy, but it's not. I'm very happy for the improvement made this weekend but, above all, for the sensations I felt riding the Panigale. Like I said yesterday, I'm not bored at all. If anything, I'm happy with the way I ride this bike."

Among other things, you even managed to be fast with low temperatures this morning, something you struggled with yesterday.

"True, I was able to be fast, right away, despite the strong wind. In the afternoon, I made the most of the temperature increase, managing to be as competitive as I wanted to."

Someone claims that he wins like Spencer, leaving everyone behind at the start, and finishing solo.

"I don't know, also because those were different times, given that he raced in the 80s.  In the end, I try to think of myself and have fun."

Do you think that, after the results of these first three rounds, the MotoGP misses you?

"It's difficult to say and, at the same time, easy, given that I'm now winning with a big margin in Superbikes, which few would have thought. At the moment, I think I'm at a good level but, above all, on a great team and on a particularly competitive bike. With the Panigale V4, I'm now showing everyone how capable I am."

What if you get another offer from the MotoGP during the year?

"At the moment, my mind is focused only on the Superbike, since this is my priority. I'm here to compete in good races and get important results. I would go back the MotoGP just for an official team."

One last thing: Checa was also here in Aragon.

"Exactly. We talked for a few minutes and he complimented me on my performance, wishing me the best for the World Championship."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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