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SBK, Bautista: "Winning doesn't bore me. I seek perfection."

"Me like Marquez? Such a comparison is too difficult. My strength is that, unlike the other riders, I never have highs and lows."

SBK: Bautista: "Winning doesn't bore me. I seek perfection."

Alvaro Bautista. Him, again... for a change. The Spanish rider, who defeated the competition, dominated Race 1 in Aragon for the umpteenth time. At this point, it's also difficult to find the words to describe the supremacy of the Ducati rider, protagonist of the seventh consecutive triumph with the V4.

A race without precedence at Motorland, where Bautista left everyone behind, arriving alone at the finish line.

"I'm very excited about this result, also because I knew I had a good pace right from the start," he began. "My goal was to start ahead and give the race a certain pace, trying to be as fast as possible. Later, I focused on my race pace, keeping attentive and avoiding the slightest distraction."

Today, you made all your fans, who had been waiting for this, very happy.

"It's special to be on the top step of the podium in front of my audience. It's a great satisfaction. Apart from that, winning is always special, regardless of where you race."

Don't you think this domination is getting a bit boring?

"Maybe, for some of you, since the fight for second place was much more interesting today. If I really must say, I'm having fun, also because when you win you can't get bored. I also love concentrating on my riding style and always looking for perfection, improving myself."

This morning, in FP3, it was strange not seeing you up front.

"When the temperature goes down a bit, I struggle some, and I'm honest in admitting it. In fact, I had three riders in front of me. So, I have to improve even in those conditions because it could happen during the race. Besides that, today I saw that the other Ducatis were very competitive. An example is Chaz's, but also Eugene's. I think they both moved a step forward, and I'm happy for them, since they worked hard."

Can we compare Bautista and the Panigale V4 to Marquez and Honda?

"I think that's difficult, given that we're talking about two different Championships.  Last Sunday, Marc won by a large margin in Argentina but, in the end, I don't think you can make such a comparison. Like I said, they're two different championships with different tires, suspensions, and bikes."

Speaking with Rea, he stressed the fact that, unlike Chaz, you never make mistakes.

"I always try to be focused and precise when I'm on the bike. If you look at my performance in free practice, you'll see that I'm almost always in line with my times, unlike the other riders, who have some highs and lows. They might race a fast lap, then the next one is slower. In the end, my performances are almost always identical, and I think that's an aspect that favors me. I believe that all this is due to the MotoGP, since you always have to keep the same pace there."  



Translated by Leila Myftija

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