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MotoGP, A video confirms Crutchlow's jump start

In Argentina: the bike moved forward before the lights turned off, and the FIM Stewards applied the regulation to a tee.

MotoGP: A video confirms Crutchlow's jump start


Yesterday, Cal Crutchlow was furious, convinced that he had been unjustly penalized for a ride through caused by a jump start that wasn’t a jump start. In fact, in seeing the front images of the first shot, the LCR rider would have been in the right.

But Dorna posted a video on social networks (under this article) where you can clearly see Cal's Honda move slightly forward before the red light turned off. Surely, it’s difficult to believe that the British rider got an advantage at the start, but the regulation speaks clearly, and the FIM Stewards simply put it into practice.

Article 1.18, section 14, states that: "Any rider who anticipates the start will be required to carry out the ride through described under article 1.19. The motorcycle must be stationary at the time the red lights are turned off. Anticipation of the start is defined by the motorcycle moving forward at the time the red lights are turned off. In the case of a minor movement and subsequent stop whilst the red lights are on, the designated officials will be the sole judge of whether an advantage has been gained."

In this case, one can only challenge Freddie Spencer and his men with the fact that they were very strict, but they weren’t wrong.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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