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MotoGP, Lorenzo: “The results will come, like with Ducati”

“My wrist still hurts, but that's not the problem. Unfortunately I'm lacking experience on the bike, but I'm sure the results will come, as they did with the Ducati”

MotoGP: Lorenzo: “The results will come, like with Ducati”


Friday at Rio Hondo saw Jorge Lorenzo finish at the bottom of the pile. While Marc Marquez is proving to be a steamroller in terms of race pace in Argentina, the Majorcan is struggling to find the way with the Honda.

“Right now I'm trying to be as fast as possible, but the fact is I'm lacking experience with the Honda, how to brake or enter the turns. Aside from that, we were a little closer in the afternoon, but we need to be patient. There's no point worrying about the timesheets, as I know the time will come when I can be faster. Unfortunately it will be a tough weekend here at Termas”.

We know you're not in the best shape. How are you feeling physically?

My wrist is painful, but that's not the main issue, as I'm sure I'll be better in a couple of weeks. As I've said, it's my lack of experience with the bike, also the fact I've not had much track time. Being half a second from tenth isn't bad though, so I need to stay focused ahead of Saturday. I know the potential of the Honda”.

Did you expect such an uphill climb here in Argentina?

I expected to suffer at this track, so I need to try and learn more about the bike. I don't particularly love this track, also because it's lacking grip and the conditions are not the best. With the right traction, I could be further ahead, like in FP1 at Losail”.

It's quite a frustrating situation.

“We need to be very patient, I understand the high expectation with regard to this new adventure of mine in Honda. I will say that my experience with the Ducati has made me realise that results will come. This will be a complicated weekend, maybe Austin too, then perhaps something will change when we get to Jerez.”  

Translated by Heather Watson

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