MotoGP, Albesiano: an inscrutable sentence, but the approval mechanism will change

"The arrival of aerodynamics in MotoGP has introduced a new level of difficulty in terms of management. The control system needs to be improved"


Romano Albesiano, technical director of Aprilia, perhaps expected a different sentence from the FIM, or at the very least, as an engineer, a clear explanation.

"Instead what we have is an inscrutable decision. No reasoning has been provided. I hope it will be published sooner or later, it's not enough to just say it's like that and that's it".

So nothing will change after Doha?

"In any case, something has changed, and it's been very useful to raise the problem. The systems with which these problems were managed has shown its limitations, it needs to be changed and improved. The system needs to be changed as a priority before more controversy is created. The rule approval and definition mechanism must change because it's clear that, regardless of the sentence, we all had our reasons. Things need to be done better".

What has changed things so much.

"The arrival of a certain type of aerodynamics in MotoGP has introduced a new level of difficulty also in terms of management. For this reason the system of authorisations needs to adapt, particular knowledge is needed to make certain evaluations".

To be clear...

"An object has been established as having a certain use, but without specific knowledge you cannot evaluate whether this statement is correct or not. I'm sure it's all been done in good faith, but the stretch is clear".

Massimo Rivola immediately finds himself in a storm.

"Massimo comes from a world that is used to reacting to unclear reactions. We motorcycle manufacturers have always accepted this state of affairs, we've glossed over it. Rivola's point of view is a strict one. But now all manufacturers are taking kind of approach and that's only right".

Changing the subject, Aleix Espargarò really like Rio Hondo, could he win?

"We're not seeking that, but rather growth. We have something new here, particularly in terms of electronics. An extra piece should put us in a better position".

The All Stars' Aprilia event went even better than expected. What did you get from it?

"The passion for the brand that we saw at All Stars was highly motivating. And empowering. Aprilia is a great brand and we've always known that, but to see this love and passion is what makes you work day and night to bring Aprilia to where it should be in the top class. This is why we chase this dream".



Translated by Heather Watson

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