SBK, Ratcahda: “I'm ready to leave Thailand for Rossi and the Academy”

The Buriram wildcard, on track with the #46 Yamaha, talks: “I chose bikes because they are more exciting than dolls”


Her Yamaha boasts the #46, the same as Valentino Rossi. We're talking about Ratchada Nakcharoensri, or rather the local wildcard who took part in the Buriram Supersport round. The 600 series saw the participation of two women, for the very first time, the Asian rider joined by Maria Herrera.

This was the Thai rider's first international appearance, and she was clearly emotional. The level of the category is very high and it's not easy to keep pace with the top fifteen, and yet she tried, living out one of her dreams.

Lining up for this race was something truly unique for me, the result of hard work over a long period of time - comments Ratchada – the SSP has reached a very high level and there are some incredible riders. This experience allowed me to learn and grow, considering that my 2020 aim is to participate in the full championship”.

Ratchada, your #46 Yamaha has definitely attracted some attention.

You can understand I'm a Valentino fan, right (she smiles)? He is something very special to me, he's written the history of this sport and continues to race today, fighting for his tenth title”.

Which Rossi win sticks out in your mind?

No one single win, as they all have something different. I think what's great about Valentino is his entire career, rather than individual wins. He's made the championship his lifestyle and he's still there battling every Sunday”.

You know he has launched the Academy project in recent years?

“Sure! I think all those guys growing up around him are incredibly lucky, as they have the chance to learn all his secrets”.

Would you like to do something similar one day?

“Of course, it would be fantastic”.

What would you be prepared to give up?

Thailand. It wouldn't be easy, but I'd have the number one motorcycle rider by my side”.

Ratchada, why did you choose bikes over dolls?

“Because bikes are pure excitement, much more than a doll, my brother raced already and so when I was 11 I started too. There is a great passion for riding here in Thailand, and across Asia”.

What's the first thing you think when you hear Yamaha?


And if we say Rossi?

I cannot choose one word, there are many”.

Who will win the MotoGP championship?

“I hope Rossi, but Dovizioso would also be ok (she smiles)”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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