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SBK, Bautista: "The rev limit? I'm not worried"

"I aim to give it my all and have fun, then we'll see. We've dominated this weekend at a track that differs from the first, I'm pleased"

SBK: Bautista:

And that makes it six. Alvaro Bautista is not slowing down, his rivals once again unable to catch him in Thailand and forced to watch the domination of the #19 Ducati Panigale V4. The Spaniard has proved how Australia was not just a one-off, but rather a warning shot ahead of Buriram.

"This was an important weekend for us – he begins – as every track is new with this bike and me and the bike new references each time. In Australia, I was lucky to find the set-up right away, the Panigale responded well here too and I only had to make some small adjustments. An incredible weekend, I dominated in each session and race at a track where Kawasaki had won 7 of the last 8 races. We need to improve certain areas of the bike but I'm pleased because we've had a great response from the bike at two very different tracks like Phillip Island and Buriram".

Alvaro is still exploring the potential of the Ducati, while also remembering to win.

"On Sunday morning we tried a few different things, seeing as we're still discovering the bike, but it wasn't easy in just a few minutes. I had a braking issue, not easy to understand in such a short time, so we went back to Saturday's set-up. I tried the change because on Saturday I had problems stopping the bike, but luckily my confidence was back come Sunday. The track was more slippery, and times went up, but I think I did my best in the conditions".

Now there is talk of a possible rev limit for the Panigale as of Aragon, something that doesn't worry Alvaro.

"I don't know how the bike would change, I'd have to try. I'm not making any strategies to be less competitive anyway, I get on the bike to give it my all and therefore enjoy myself, something I'll do with or without a limitation. I'm not worried, I'm just focusing on doing my best, whether that means winning by five seconds or one tenth, or finishing fifth, in the end that's the only thing that counts”.

Now it's time to focus on Aragon, the track ready to welcome its ruler

"I want to share my joy with the Spanish fans, as this will be my first Superbike race in Spain. In the past, there haven't been big crowds at the Spanish races, but I feel that there will be more now, or at least I hope so, I'm sure they'll have fun. My aim is to carry on doing the same, find the confidence with the bike as I've done so far and see how it goes”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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