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SBK, Bautista fuming: "Rea wanted the collision"

"He cut very fast into me. I was lucky I didn't fall. My bike wasn't at its best today. We have to develop much more than people think."

SBK: Bautista fuming: "Rea wanted the collision"

A win for 19. Alvaro Bautista is on a role and, in race 1 in Buriram, he showed it, winning differently from how he did in Australia. The Spaniard, in fact, had to recover after a collision with  Rea, managing to get back in front and leaving his opponents in the dust again. But the hot topic remains that collision with Alvaro. He didn't hide his thoughts and attacked the defending champion.

"I had a good start, but then I went wide and Jonathan (ed. Rea) passed me. When I then passed him on Turn 3, I took the classic line," he explained, "that is to say, moving away hard and long  for a moment, then coming out strong, while he was more on the inside. He cut very fast into me, looking for a collision, in my opinion.  He touched me, and I was lucky because I was practically on the ground. He did a motocross-style maneuver."

From there, the Spaniard had to reset his race, making sure not to make any errors.

"After that episode, I tried to stay focused while keeping my pace. I saw that Lowes was slower than I was, so I passed him quickly, trying to catch up with Jonathan, who was riding a bit little slower. Lap after lap, his pace dropped, so I reached him," he said, "and I thought that by keeping my pace, I could avoid a situation like the one at the start of the race. I did,  and everything went well."

Everything looked good, but Alvaro actually revealed his difficulties on the bike.

"I wasn't my best with my bike today. I wasn't able to stop it as well as this morning, so I lost out in braking and acceleration. We have to understand why, since I was very happy with the race tire this morning. The conditions changed, but it's still a strange thing."

A situation that can make one think how Ducati can suffer on the most driven tracks as compared to the Kawasaki, something that Bautista also confirmed.

For now, that's how it is because our bike needs to be developed. It has power, but it seems that people only see what happens on the straight. In the corners, they see that a rider brakes harder and veers harder, but they don't ask why, if it's the rider's merit or the demerit of the other bikes. On the straight, it's easy to judge," he attacked. "But the tracks aren't only made up straights. We're improving, but it's not enough, we must develop in stopping the bike."

Alvaro can, however, enjoy a victory. A Superpole that should be applauded and, perhaps, he should forget the MotoGP.

"Australia was a different race, not because of my victory but for the gap. This was more normal, with lots of riders up close. I didn't expect to race in 1'31 in the qualifications. It wasn't a perfect lap, but almost. I'm happy because I managed to take advantage of the qualifying tire, which was not the case at Phillip Island. If I think of the MotoGP? They are two different situations. In MotoGP, I didn't have the means to do really well. Here, I have all the weapons I need to fight at the top.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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