MotoE, Fire at Jerez: the garage housing the bikes is destroyed

VIDEO AND PHOTOS - The fire has ravaged the temporary structure where the Energica bikes were being stored, no people have been hurt

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A serious fire broke out over night at the Jerez track. The structure in which the MotoE bikes were being housed has been destroyed. The cause of the fire is not yet know, but the good new is that no people have been hurt.

The same cannot be said for the bikes, the Energica Ego machines, being stored in the structure. As you can from the photo, little remains.

The flames have left little intact and the testing planned for today and tomorrow has of course been cancelled.

The problem is more serious than that though, in that the MotoE championship is set to begin in a few weeks' time and this incident casts a shadow over its future. Most importantly, the cause of the fire needs to be established.

Translated by Heather Watson

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