MotoE, De Angelis: "bikes and material, everything was destroyed"

Alex's testimony in Jerez for the tests. The start of the championship, scheduled for May 5th, seems to be at risk.


"There's nothing left. Everything was destroyed." In a few words, Alex De Angelis describes the terrible scene he saw before him. Around midnight, the structure that housed all the material for the MotoE tests, including motorcycles, caught fire due to causes still being investigated.

"Like in the Rookies Cup, bikes and material from all the teams were housed all together," explains Alex. "Now there's nothing left: computers, the bikes we had to use for the tests and then the races, even those used by the test drivers. They're all completely burned." We practically only saved what we had with us in the hotel."

The MotoE World Cup should have started in Jerez on May 5th, but it's not looking like this will happen. As mentioned, all the Energica Evos were destroyed in the fire, and they were bikes prepared specifically for the races, not just road models.

Logically, the tests scheduled for today and tomorrow have been canceled, but they'll have to see if two months will be enough to prepare the new bikes, without taking into account that the riders will have to recuperate the tests.

"Fortunately, no one was hurt," reassured De Angelis.

Now they'll have to see what caused the fire, which the firemen took about 6 hours to tame. The structure was mounted in the parking lot, far from the paddocks, so there was no damage to the structures of the circuit.

The organizer of the championship, Dorna, explained in a note that the fire broke out at 12:15 am and announced that changes to the MotoE World Cup calendar were going to be made during the next few hours.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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