MotoE, Davies: "The fire in Jerez? A tragedy if it had happened during the race."

Melandri: "The batteries don't warn you when they explode, so you have no time to react. When you look for so much performance with little experience, there's a big risk."


The news of the fire that broke out in the Jerez paddock structure arrived punctually even in Buriram, where the second seasonal event of the derivatives will take place over the weekend. Shocking images that did not escape the eyes of riders and staff.

We gathered some opinions in the paddock to this regard: "I saw some photos, and I was struck by what happened," said Pere Riba. "I think that electric motorcycles are much more dangerous than those we are used to seeing on the track.  The risk does not only apply to motorcycles, but also to electrical objects, since a simple spark is enough to generate a tragedy. I believe it's necessary to work with great care with these new vehicles, taking into account safety, above all."

At Ducati, Chaz Davies also intervened: "I only saw the photos, and they are shocking," the Welshman commented. "Obviously, I can't afford to make judgments, since I wasn't in Jerez. The only thing that matters is that there were no injuries or deaths. I dare not imagine what would have happened if that fire had started during a traditional race weekend with the presence of workers and many fans present in the paddock. It would have been a tragedy."

Electric motorcycles, among other things, intrigued Marco Melandri: "I went to see the bikes up close in November, and I asked  how dangerous they were," he said. "Being a fan of flying, they're betting a lot on electric vehicles in that sector, as well. In fact, Siemens had developed an electric ultralight that caught fire at take-off during a test. To this regard, I asked if they were afraid or not, since batteries don't warn you when they explode and, consequently, you don't have the time to react. When you look for so much performance with little experience, there's a big risk."

On the other hand, Serafino Foti's response was concise: "Making assessments without knowing anything is difficult," said the Aruba team manager. "It's clear that, with what we saw happen, we have to reflect for the future."  Certainly, the news also affected Alvaro Bautista, who knows the Jerez track well: "I only saw the photos and nothing more," said the Ducati rider. "The important thing is that no people were involved."

Even Andrea Dosoli doesn't want to say much: "First of all, we need to understand before arriving at hasty conclusions," the team manager commented. "The reality is that the MotoE has different problems as compared to our bikes, like battery management, which requires particular attention. That said, a fire can also start in one of our garages. It is certainly not a good calling card for the new category."    


Translated by Leila Myftija

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