MotoGP, Pernat: "With motorcycles, we can't think like in the F1"

"After Losail, this Championship is risking to become very political. Yesterday, Dovi was almost a phenomenon. Rossi is Yamaha's number 1."


On the track, it was Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Marquez who ignited the challenge with an incandescent ending that had everyone holding their breath. Then the word passed on to technicians and engineers, who inflamed the post-race with complaints. That's how the Qatar GP ended, with a sub judice victory for the Ducati rider from Forlì.

Here's what happened in Losail, according to the careful eye of our Carlo Pernat.  

"At the end of this GP, there are some aspects to analyze. First of all Dovizioso. I consider him almost a phenomenon. In a rather boring race, we saw one last lap that excited us, when Marc wrecklessly passed Andrea, but Dovi was good at handling the bike and closing the gap. He's going to race the World Championship with a Ducati, which is Honda's rival and that came very close in terms of performance. The other interesting thing is that there are really a lot of competitive bikes in this Championship. There are eight, and Suzuki stands out among them, without forgetting the Yamaha and Ducati, which allow young riders to fight for the first ten places. An example are Morbidelli and Quartararo, but also Mir with Suzuki, without forgetting Bagnaia, since he'll be racing, soon. Three years ago, this was an unthinkable thing because the second bikes were a sort of catafalque with which you couldn't reach more than a twelfth place. The future is, therefore, rosy, also because we must not forget about KTM and Aprilia. The first is a team that has invested a lot of money, while the second one is organizing itself well. For the rest, getting back to the race, Valentino confirms to be a racing animal, since only he could make a comeback like that.  Rossi is, and will be for a long time, Yamaha's number one. Finally, the post race. I think that after yesterday, it will be a very political MotoGP, since teams like Suzuki, Honda, and Aprilia, which are allied against Ducati, will be presenting their complaints.  We witnessed this more conceptual than practical appeal. I hope we don't start reasoning like Formula 1, given that bikes must continue having set rules."  





Translated by Leila Myftija

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