MotoGP, Marquez: "Petrucci angry? Welcome among the official riders."

Marc: "We're in the MotoGP here, not in rallies. When the other riders take advantage of my trail, it's normal. If I do it, however, it's not right."


Mission accomplished! Marc Marquez's objective was to bring his Honda to the front row in Losail, and, in the end, n.93 didn't miss out on this. At the last available lap, taking advantage of Petrucci's trail, the Spaniard managed to find the momento to climb the rankings by hooking up to the third place.

"This is the MotoGP. Sometimes it happens that others follow me, while this time I was the one who followed a rider," he clarified. "So, welcome to the official riders club, Danilo. Like I said, we're in the MotoGP here and not in a rally, where there's no trail. The fact is that when others do it with me it's normal. When it's me, it's not right " (he smiles).

Marc's Saturday was immediately an uphill climb when he fell in the third practice session.

"This morning I ended up on the ground because of my own mistake. Maybe I pushed too hard and, thanks to the wind, I came out of an ideal trajectory and fell."

Despite the difficulties, can we consider this second day a positive one?

"Today I collected lots of  falls, but I can say I feel 100% ok," continued the Spaniard . "I don't know if Losail is the worst track for Honda, but it's definitely the most complicated. Among other things, the wind conditioned everything, It wasn’t easy to manage the various situations. Today it was really very cold and the track was slippery during the qualifications, especially in the left turns."

On a physical level, what are your feelings?

"I definitely have less strength than usual. In fact, I don't try to push to remain clinging to the bike. Besides that, I can say I've worked well, and I expect to be with the best in the race."

As for the tires?

"At the moment, the rear is a question. We must also evaluate the front. Certainly, the hard tire behaved well and even the medium isn't bad."

Among the surprises on Saturday, Quartararo stands out.

"I followed Fabio with interest, since the days of the CEV. I must say that he has a great talent. I'm surprised by his performance, and I'm convinced that it'll be interesting to compete with him on the track."

After Friday's tests, are you surprised not to be in front?

"In the first part of the qualifications, the tires were not ready yet, so I was cautious, avoiding mistakes. I then tried to attack, pushing especially in the final. Besides that, I can say that on the race pace, Dovi and Maverick have proven to be quick, and I'm sure that they'll be fighting for the victory."

Why does Honda struggles so much in Losail?

"Honestly I don't know. Like Dovi said, this is a very special track. With Honda, I feel strong in Jerez, but here the situation is different. It would be interesting to talk about it with Jorge, since he has ridden other bikes in the past."   



Translated by Leila Myftija

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