MotoGP, Lorenzo: "I have pain everywhere. It'll be about surviving."

Jorge fell twice: "It wasn't a good day. It'll be a difficult race. The first fall was bad luck and inexperience on this bike."


Jorge Lorenzo wiped out twice at Losail during this first qualifying Saturday as a Honda rider. The Spaniard first fell in the FP3, during a first lap where he had taken off from the pits with the bright determination in his eyes of those who want to achieve something special. In his case, achieving something special meant improving on what he did on Friday and winning a place in the sun in the Q2.

However, it was a wish that was soon shattered because of a high-side that was not resolved with a simple tumble in the escape routes. In fact, Lorenzo remained a few seconds longer on the ground than expected, and it became immediately clear that the fall had brought some consequences.

But Jorge hung in there, and after verifying that there was no serious damage, he got back on the RCV, first for the FP4, then for the Q1, confronted again with the will to surprise. The Spaniard, however, found another trap along his path, this time caused by a temperature that dropped dangerously below the danger point. The irony is that Lorenzo was one of the main promoters of the initiative to move the Grand Prix times up, in order to avoid similar risks.

The price to be paid for the sum of all these circumstances will be a start off tomorrow as n.15 in the line-up, not the best for a debut in the race with the HRC, but at least Lorenzo can console himself knowing that, to his left, he'll find a certain Valentino Rossi who, just like a good rider should, could represent the right connection to quickly climb to the top.

"I had some back pain, today."  He explained. "Now I'll sleep and see how I'll wake up tomorrow. If I don't feel well, I'll have some other check-ups done. If I feel better, I'll go to the track only thinking about tomorrow's race. Today was certainly not a great day."

Was it just bad luck or is there a problem with the bike?
"I was very unlucky with the first fall. There was a series of coincidences that caused that fall. A high-side that was also caused by my lack of experience with this bike. It was strange, and the impact that was quite strong created a problem on a physical level. The pain increased between the FP4 and the qualifications. Then, in the qualifications, I fell again because the temperature had dropped a lot. Not a good day for us."

What race do you expect tomorrow?
"I think tomorrow will be a race for survival.  For everyone, but especially for me, due to my lack of experience with the bike and because of my physical condition."

Are you also worried about the pain?
"I'm especially worried about that. I have pain in my hands and feet. I'm full of pain, everywhere. Given the conditions, especially for me, but I think for many others, as well, it'll be a race for survival."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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