Volvo: maximum speed of 180 km/h by 2020

The Swedish manufacturer is studying an "intelligent control" system. In the world of cars, some manufacturers limit themselves to 250 km/h. With motorcycles, it's out of the question.


Volvo will electronically limit the maximum speed of its cars to 180 km/h starting in 2020. The decision, one of those that will make people argue, is part of a strategy called "Vision 2020" that, starting on the date established for this change, aims at eliminating deaths or serious injuries caused with its cars.

In short, the maximum speed that can be reached by a vehicle is seen as the main and decisive reason for accidents, reports Quattroruote magazine.

In addition to limiting the speed to 180 km/h, Volvo is also supposedly studying an intelligent speed control technology that, by taking advantage of the vehicle's geolocation, could automate the limits near schools and hospitals.

"We want to start a debate about whether or not car manufacturers have the right or even the obligation to install on-board technologies to change driver behavior, to avoid excessive speed, intoxication, and distraction," said Hakan Samuelsson, president and CEO Volvo. "We don't have a definite answer to this question, but we want to be the leaders and pioneers of the discussion."

As we can recall, about 20 years ago, German car manufacturers self-regulated themselves at a maximum speed of 250 km/h. However, this is a limit that several manufacturers do not respect, if not for particular models.

Yet, in the world of two-wheels, there is still no limit or agreement, even though there was an intention among the manufacturers to establish one many years ago. It was a proposal that was immediately rejected, since they said that it would have emphasized the fact that the vast majority of two wheel, average displacement vehicles reaches and exceeds 200 km/h, while racing ones are now at a threshold of 300 km/h.

Is it actually speed, with the limits established on our roads, the demon that Volvo imagines, or are other factors involved in accidents, such as road conditions, hazardous driving (that does not depend on speed), or environmental factors?

Let us know what you think.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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