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MotoGP, Ezpeleta: "We might change the time of the race in Qatar"

The Dorna CEO has welcomed Lorenzo's request: "we are willing to make a change if needed in order to increase rider safety"

MotoGP: Ezpeleta: "We might change the time of the race in Qatar"


Jorge Lorenzo, at the end of the test in Qatar, raised an alarm: "at a certain time, the temperature suddenly drops and humidity increases, many riders crashed in fact. I'll ask Carmelo Ezpeleta if we can bring the race forward". And today the Majorcan has done just that, joining the Dorna boss at a press conference organised by Spanish agency Europa Press and discussing the issue.

Ezpeleta has stated that brining the time of the Qatar race forward is in fact a possibility (the race is set to begin at 8pm local time).

"I spoke with Jorge and other riders yesterday, we need to evaluate the situation and nothing's decided yet, but if we can increase safety, we will do so. If the situation could be dangerous, then we will of course make changes"  comments the Dorna CEO.


Translated by Heather Watson

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