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MotoGP, Marquez: "My fall? I tested my shoulder. It's ready for the fight."

"I fell because of the cold and wind. The best on the pace are Rins, Vinales, and I, and also the two Ducatis, which didn't show too much potential."

MotoGP: Marquez: "My fall? I tested my shoulder. It's ready for the fight."


The last day of testing gave us a third for Marc Marquez who is ready, motivated, and fit.  In fact, his body doesn't seem to be a problem any longer, and the Spaniard's speed already seems remarkable, as had already occurred. The current world champion also allowed himself his first fall after his surgery, which seems to have fortified n.93’s soul.

"I'm very happy with how the day went," he explains, "and how we finished the pre-season. We've grown in these tests, day by day. I think I have a good pace, enough to fight for the podium, even in a circuit that we don't particularly like, such as this one.  The fall? I tested my shoulder pretty well, and it's ready for the fight (he laughs). I fell at the sixth, while I was using the hard front tire. The temperature had gone down, and I lost it."

Regarding the pace, Marc explains how he wasn't able to go through a real race simulation.  Despite this, it seems clear where work needs to be done.

"I couldn't do a long run that was particularly long because it was cold, and it was windy. With these conditions, I mounted the hard tire in front, and it would have been risky to do more laps. We're missing a few things, for example, exiting corners. Another weak spot remains the front that, despite a new chassis, is still difficult to interpret. We saw it today,"  he underlined . "When the temperatures dropped, all the Hondas fell. We have to understand why."

Now it's time to think about the debut, for which n.93 has already identified the favorites.

"I'm not 100% ok with the bike, but the pace is good, and this allows me to be optimistic. The others? On the single lap, I saw that Valentino and Quartararo went well, we're about four on the pace: the two Ducatis, which did not show their all, and I'd add Rins and Vinales.  In the pre-season, however, they're all fast, and the same goes for the first race, since everyone went through the tests. In the upcoming races, there won't be any  tests, we'll have the three days of the weekend, and it'll be more difficult for everyone."

The last question is about Jorge Lorenzo who, for the moment, doesn't seem to cause concern.

"Lorenzo did a very good time today, but he's far on the pace.  We'll see during the weekend, also because this is a track where he's usually fast. Obviously, it takes time, but in HRC, you always have to be among the first."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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