MotoGP, Valentino Rossi and a kiss for ha 40th birthday party

A cake shaped like the Ranch track, a passionate kiss with his girlfriend Sofia Novello, and all the guys from the Academy for Rossi’s birthday


There was everything that was needed for a big party, and, in looking at the photos, it seems that all the guests, including the birthday boy, had a lot of fun. Valentino Rossi crossed the 40-year finish line with all of his longtime good friends, his girlfriend Francesca Sofia Novello, all the guys from the Academy - who framed their gloves as a gift to him - and, obviously, Uccio and Alby.

The shots taken included one in front of the cake, which was shaped like the Ranch track, an unprecedented romantic one with Francesca - for the first time immortalized together with Valentino in a passionate kiss - and the presence of Cesare Cremonini, the Doctor’s all-time friend.

All the photos of a party that was, without a doubt, long awaited and organized with great care. But now we’re sure that Valentino will get back to work, since nobody will be thinking about his 40-year birthday in Qatar because they’ll all be thinking about beating him.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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