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MotoGP, Fairings war: Yamaha responds with the 'triple-wing'

First Suzuki and Ducati, and now the M1; Yamaha unveils a new aerodynamic solution on Vinales' bike at Sepang

MotoGP: Fairings war: Yamaha responds with the 'triple-wing'

As predicted, on the final day of testing at Sepang, engineers have started to pull new aerodynamic solutions out of the crates. In reality, Suzuki led the way yesterday, while this morning it was Ducati's turn. Yamaha is not simply standing by, having now showcased new wings on the front fairing of Vinales' M1.

The Iwata technicians have taken a 'softer' approach with respect to their Italian colleagues, but it's nevertheless interesting. Maverick's bike features triple wings, two larger ones that are clearly visible and a third, applied underneath the bigger ones.

Translated by Heather Watson

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