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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "I have nothing to hide from Petrucci to win."

Andrea: "I'm a rider with a different mentality. I spoke with him clearly so that we could each benefit from working together."

MotoGP: Dovizioso: "I have nothing to hide from Petrucci to win."

Thursday at Sepang, Andrea Dovizioso was in pursuit. Indeed, because Maverick Vinales proved to be irrepressible, both in his qualifying lap and also in the race pace. An aspect on which Andrea focuses up to a certain point, especially given the variables involved. In fact, the rider from Forlì sees to his own pit, choosing the unite with Petrucci so that they can turn the GP19 to their favor. 

Something that is in sharp contrast with what has been seen in the past.

"It's the first test after the hiatus, but we're working in the right direction, meaning, how we must face an event like this," began Andrea. "We especially tried to work on the pace, during the time of day that the race will take place.  It's not easy because of the heat, but it turned out to be productive," he added . "It was important for me and for Danilo. So, I'd say that this Thursday perfect, also because we are focusing on the details, trying to compare the material."

The path taken by Dovi and the method, therefore, seem to be the right ones.

"Being able to work like that is an added value. Obviously, all this does not guarantee a victory, but it is undoubtedly productive.  In some ways, I'm not 100% happy after this Thursday because the competition is proving to be very strong."

The timesheet shows that Vinales has better potential, not only in the qualifying lap, but also in race simulation.

"The qualifying lap doesn't count in these tests, since there are several variables,T" he commented. "Today, when I saw the tarmac was 63 degrees, I thought I'd find terrible conditions for racing, but they turned out better than I thought. More than performance, the goal was to work on the details. I think this is the best way to grow together, through Danilo's contribution. I say this because when you drive alone it's very different than exchanging continuous information with your teammate. I reflected on this, then I proposed this current method to the team."

Instead of each one going his own way, which is what occurred in the past with Iannone and Lorenzo, the rider from Forlì preferred to join forces. The risk is that your partner can benefit from you.  

"I thought about this, just like when I thought about helping Danilo when working at home. I'm not the type who tries to hide certain things to win. I have another mentality. I have no problem divulging certain things. If another rider ends up being stronger than I, kudos to him. I believe it's important to work and train with a fast rider  like he is, and this benefits both of us, not just me."

Andrea then addresses the topic.

"It all depends on the approach and what kind of relationship is created between two people.  From the beginning, I wanted to be clear with him, and Danilo was happy and grateful for my words. This is indeed an important moment for his career."  

Dovizioso's attention then returns to the tests.

"There are no big changes to be made here in Malaysia, as compared to last season. It is precisely for this reason that we are working on the details of the bike. I would define Sepang as a complete track. The material that works well here, also usually works well on other tracks."

Lastly, the chassis.

"There is still some uncertainty. It's not bad, but it's not entirely clear whether or not it will have its advantages."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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