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MotoGP, Dovizioso: “The tests? Thanks to Pirro, we're not wasting any time"

Andrea: “the material Michele provides us with is ready and so causes no problems. Morbidelli? He rides like the best

MotoGP: Dovizioso: “The tests? Thanks to Pirro, we're not wasting any time"


Day one of testing saw Andrea Dovizioso close in eighth place, behind the Honda of Takaaki Nakagami. A Wednesday during which the priority was to test the available material, without chasing lap times. At the end of day one, the Italian appears relaxed, aware of the steps to be taken.

Today's goal was to rebuild confidence – starts Andrea - then, seeing that the track was in a good condition, I started to test certain things. We were able to make an initial comparison between the new frame and that of last year. I'll need to re-test it of course, as we need to be sure before we take certain decisions”.

Dovi goes into more details.   

What's the general feeling right now? I'd say it's so so, we're not yet clear on everything. That's normal though, we've had doubts in the past too, but then we've always made the right choices. When you test something new, anything can happen”.

Attention turns to the engine.

I'd say it's positive, but that's what we expected to be honest. There are always small details on which to work, but with so much power we don't think anything can limit us”.

Before the factory riders headed out, the test teams were out on track.

“Michele has been of great help. Thanks to his contribution, we don't waste time during the test. He is not making the decisions but he prepares the material. This means that when it's our turn, many problems are avoided”.

So the stopwatch was not a priority today.

Fortunately, we've already been able to get some work done. It's early days and for now I don't have anything amazing to point out. Riders levels?  You can't understand much from today's times, everyone's working on something different. But I'd say that this first day has been pretty good for everyone”.

There is one rider who has impressed Dovi though.

I was following Morbidelli, I don't know how many laps his tyre had done, but he was riding very well, regardless of times. He's very smooth and rides like a top rider, much better than he did with the Honda. Rins also gave me the same impression”.    


Translated by Heather Watson

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