MotoGP, Crutchlow: "I've had to learn to ride again"

Cal on his return from injury: "I'm wearing a boot two sizes too big, but it went better than I expected and I'm not in too much pain"


Today was not simply the first day of 2019 testing for Cal Crutchlow, but rather a gradual return to normality. After the bad accident he suffered at Phillip Island and the resulting tibia, fibula and talus injuries, the Brit hasn't ridden until today. Cal is not yet 100% fit of course, but it's a good sign that he was able to complete 51 laps and set the 14th fastest time

“It went a lot better than expected - begins Cal - also considering that i was wearing a boot a couple of sizes too big, as a precaution. I don't have great confidence with my foot in that boot, but overall I felt good. I struggled through the opening laps but then the situation improved. Pain? Not really, this morning I was struggling to walk but after a 20-minute rest I had no more problems”.

Cal continues to talk about his first day, as intense as it was important.

“My control when braking isn't great, I almost need to learn to ride again, but I'm pleased to be back at work with the same great team. I'm very happy to be back on track. I think I can be more competitive this season. I didn't push to set a time today, I could have done in the final stages but I had to stop, to give my body a rest. I know I can be faster, the team has done a great job”.

#35 touches on the day's work plan, without revealing too much about the new Honda.

“I've ridden two 2018 bikes, because the important thing was to ride. I only made one exit with the new bike this afternoon, and the sensations were very positive. You have to ride differently, but the differences are not obvious. Personally I have a lot of things to understand, the electronics for example, but that's because I've completed a lot less laps than Marc on board the new bike”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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