MotoGP, ONBOARD at Sepang: a thrilling lap with Bradley Smith

VIDEO - During the three-day shakedown, we mounted four action cameras on Smith's Aprilia RS-GP, here's how it went!

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The MotoGP bikes are usually totally inaccessible. Yet at Sepang, during the shakedown, Aprilia Racing allowed us to get pretty close to the RS-GP. Not only were we able to touch the bike, but we were even allowed to mount not one, but four GOPRO action cameras on the fairings. 

We wanted to let you experience a lap on one of the fastest two-wheeled prototypes in the world and Bradley Smith was happy to oblige, pushing hard on what was only meant to be a warm-up lap.

The guys in the garage helped us with the delicate business of mounting the cameras, also allowing us to install a Feiyu Tech 'girocam' in perfect MotoGP style. When the Noale beast's engine was switched on, we worried that the vibration might prove excessive, yet Smith returned to the garage with all four of the cameras still mounted and some spectacular footage to boot. 

This is the result, and we're very pleased with it. Thanks Aprilia, thanks Bradley!

We also suggest you take another look at the video by Trastevere_73. The two-time eSport world champion offered us a Virtual Lap just prior to the Sepang test, complete with corner by corner commentary.



Translated by Heather Watson

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