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Lorenzo's Museum of Champions shuts down

Jorge had opened his collection of F1 and MotoGP rider memorabilia two years ago, the reasons for the closure are unknown

News: Lorenzo's Museum of Champions shuts down


The Museum of Champions, opened by Jorge Lorenzo in Andorra two years ago, has closed its doors once and for all. Spanish publication AS confirmed the news, explaining that a notice at the museum entrance informs the public of its permanent closure.

The reasons for this are not yet know, with the Majorcan and his staff making no comment for now. The only clue is a request that the Andorra government made two months ago, when it invited Lorenzo to contact the financial office to receive communication regarding an exchange of tax information.

Jorge's museum collated a great deal of memorabilia belonging to Formula 1 and MotoGP champions, from Senna to Hamilton and Schumacher to Alonso. Many MotoGP riders had given the Majorcan leathers and helmets for him to add to his collection.

Translated by Heather Watson

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