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MotoGP, Valentino Rossi returns to “Che Tempo che fa"

Watch  “The Doctor” on Fabio Fazio’s TV show tonight live at 8:30pm on Rai 1

MotoGP: Valentino Rossi returns to “Che Tempo che fa"


His last appearance dates back to when he won his 9th world championship title. We’re obviously talking about Valentino Rossi, who will be a guest tonight on “Che tempo che fa” hosted by Fabio Fazio on RAI 1. “The Doctor” returns to the show ten years later.

Valentino participated in the TV show in 2009 during which he revealed his ambitions for the season and, at the same time, told us a bit about his private life. Tonight, join host Fabio Fazio live starting at 8:30pm on “Che tempo fa”.  

Translated by Leila Myftija

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