MotoGP, Lorenzo: It's the rider, not the bike, that makes the difference

"With the single ECU no-one has a clear advantage any more. The rider counts, and not only in terms of his riding. In F1, Mercedes leads the way"


2019 is just around the corner and while no testing is taking place,  the work in Japan and Italy continues ahead of the new season.
And this gives way to the first questions, one of which has been posted on twitter by Denis Noyes, a veteran in the field.

"Will Lorenzo's move to Honda transform the RC213-V into an 'untouchable' bike? Or will he be a key element that increases his rivals' chances?"

Noyes of course alludes to the possibility that Marquez and Lorenzo produce a series of double wins, meaning their rivals are left to pick up the crumbs.

His question was answered by none other than Jorge himself.

"With the single ECU there are no untouchable manufacturers any more, contrary to F1. Today it is harder to make the difference on a technical level. The rider is the vital element, and not only in terms of his riding.

As things stand today, it's almost impossible to score double wins like we did five or ten years ago without the single ECU. In F1 the Mercedes continues to dominate (despite the single-seaters having a single ECU), as Ferrari did back in Schumacher's day".

The numbers back this up, considering the difference in performance between Marquez, Pedrosa and Crutchlow.

What do you think?



Translated by Heather Watson

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