MotoGP, “I don't know how Marquez managed to win the championship”

Doctor Mir speaks: “The shoulder surgery was much more complicated than expected, he couldn't have carried on like that”


The season has only just drawn to a close and Marc Marquez didn't want to waste any time in getting his end of year 'service'. Tuesday saw the Spanish rider undergo surgery to correct his left shoulder, injured several times throughout the season, most recently during the Valencia race weekend.

The operation was successfully carried out and Marc now faces a six-week rehabilitation programme. The seven-time champion's condition surprised doctor Xavier Mir, who carried out the surgery along with colleagues Teresa Marlet and Victor Marlet.

In an online interview with, the doctor confirms that he was surprised by what #93 was able to achieve this season: “I don't understand how he managed to win the championship with a shoulder like that. It's to his credit that won, as his injury was very complicated”.

Xavier Mir expands on the exact nature of the operation: “The head of the humerus had popped out in all directions. So we did two things. First open surgery, to stabilise the anterior shoulder and then keyhole surgery, to repair all the ligaments in the left arm. It was a very complex surgery, more so than we expected. Usually the situation is not 100% resolved, but we immediately carried out a test to see shoulder stability, moving it at various points, and there were no problems, it is firmly in place. This is positive after the work done”.

The Honda rider will now start his recovery: “in the coming days, we'll evaluate the situation and check his improvement - concludes doctor Mir – we'll take things step by step, without trying to rush things, even though patients are sometimes able to heal sooner than expected”.   



Translated by Heather Watson

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