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MotoGP, Rossi and Cadalora: the collaboration is at a crossroads

Valentino wants to keep him as coach in 2019, but the many commitments of MotoGP mean Luca is hesitant

MotoGP: Rossi and Cadalora: the collaboration is at a crossroads

Many were surprised to see Idalio Gavira, the team Sky coach, talking with Valentino Rossi in the Yamaha garage at Jerez today. The first thought was that the Spaniard has replaced Cadalora alongside the Doctor, but in actual fact Luca is on hand, in his usual spot track side, where he concentrates on taking in every detail with his expert eye.

Cadalora is still deciding whether to work alongside Valentino for the whole of the 2019 season though. The Doctor does not want to change coach and is very happy with Luca's work, but the MotoGP commitment, comprising 19 races and various tests, is a significant one and the former world champion prefers to think things over before giving Rossi his definitive answer.

The Doctor has every intention of reconfirming him, but Cadalora has asked for a few more weeks. On the one hand, the work is interesting and highly satisfying, on the other hand, personal commitments do not marry well with a profession that involves spending long periods far from home.

Cadalora will soon make his decision and we will know whether he'll be back with Valentino next season or whether he'll pass the baton on to somebody else.

Translated by Heather Watson

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